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Author: Tom Alexander

Stop Google Using Your Face In Advertisements

You may have noticed Google has started peoples faces in advertisements, they automatically rolled this out a few months ago. Google users have already given Google permission to do this has per their horrific terms and privacy policy. There are many reason why you might not want your face attached to something you may have searched the internet for, this new search engine explains why people should be concerned with this. If you are a google user,  you just need to opt of this, even if you didn’t opt in in the first place, you did agree to Google’s...

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Social Networking for the Real Estate Business

Many of us have seen the growing evolution of social networking in the last couple of decades. From the explosion on to the scene of the user-friendly-size smart phone, to the texting and Tweeting of today, the way society communicates has been re-invented. Talking to a person in another location the old-fashioned way – by regular phone – is not often the first choice, especially by the younger generation. “Text me” is now a common request in the 21st century. But has this new way of short-term, online connecting helped your real estate business? Do real people really follow...

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Why the WordPress Platform is Best for Websites

Although it is commonly viewed as a “mere” blogging program, the wildly popular WordPress (WP) application is starting to show up as the foundation for mainstream Web sites. Proponents of this use say it is flexible and fast, while opponents say that WP is awkward and tedious except for blogging. Can you really put it to good use as your online article database, graphics portfolio or business site (with shopping carts and the rest)? Or is setting up a WordPress Web site a fad that will leave disappointed webmasters in its wake?WP fans will tell all their “home office...

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