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Author: Russi Spoon

Outlook vulnerability may leak encrypted email data via S/MIME

Outlook Might Not Have Encrypted Your Emails If You Used S/MIME Encryption Many people use Microsoft Outlook to send out secure emails encrypted via the S/MIME standard. A researcher called Sec Consult has discovered  a leak of Outlook S/MIME encrypted emails by accident earlier this year. Another user known as “Rsec” posted the same findings on a Microsoft forum post in June of this year. Interestingly, a representative at Microsoft is yet to respond to the post from June. This vulnerability occurs because Outlook sends email in both encrypted and un-encrypted protocols. If a person who thinks they are...

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Top 8 email hosting solutions for business domains

Back in the day G Suite (formally Google Apps) offered free custom domain email hosting solution for sites and blogs. Day by day, the things got weird. Starting from 2000 free users in Google Apps, it gradually decreased to 10 free accounts. But now, Google no longer offer the free version of Google Apps and Microsoft outlook for custom domain has reduced the number of users from 500 to 50. However, there is something good inside MS outlook service. You may ask their team to increase the free quota. Here is the list of top email hosting solutions. Zoho...

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‎How To Embed Instagram On A Website

This post explains how to embed your Instagram photo feed as a widget on your website. Almost everyone online today has heard of Instagram, the mobile photo sharing network is now included in the top 5 most popular social networks. Many users use Instagram on their mobile devices to take pictures and share them fellow instragram followers. Instragram also allows users to share these photos on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. There has not been an easy way to share this photos on a website. Twitter and Facebook a like both have widgets that you can embed your feed...

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AppleLive Counts Down To Technical Difficulties

The anticipation was high and the media were ready, the live stream was streaming but shortly before the clock struck 10am local time, the stream went down. The stream and website went down a number of times during the event, the Chinese voice-over made it difficult to listen in when the stream did become...

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How Can Mobile SEO Help My Non Mobile or Local Business

Google recently said that mobile search volume could exceed desktop search volume by the end of 2014. Don’t panic, though; there’s quite a bit more nuance to the trend than most people realize. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand helps us understand that nuance, and talks about how we can level-up our mobile game in ways that will benefit our businesses regardless of whether and when Google’s forecast comes...

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