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Author: Sam Reed

Google’s Ad Network exploited to serve browser crypto miners

Hackers have been actively exploiting Google’s ad network to deliver silent cryptominers on high-traffic sites. Trend Micro researchers detected an almost 285% increase in the number of Coinhive miners on January 24 and started seeing an increase in traffic to five malicious domains on January 18, according to a Jan. 26 blog post. Researchers spotted two different web miner scripts embedded in the pages along with a script that displays the advertisement from DoubleClick. Victims will see a legitimate advertisement while two silent cryptominers run in the background. “We speculate that the attackers’ use of these advertisements on legitimate...

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Apple Countdown Event Already Shows Imperfections

It seems details were overlooked with the countdown timer on not stripping the “s” when it comes down to one hour. I am sure many novice developers could have helped the Apple dev team fix this issue. It is clear Twitter users did not overlook this… What schmuck developer at Apple didn’t spend the extra 20 seconds to drop the plural ‘s’ on HOURS when there’s only 1 hour left? — Mike Rundle (@flyosity) September 9,...

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Gmail hacked with 92% success

A critical vulnerability in Android, Windows, and iOS mobile operating systems could be used to obtain personal information. Researchers from the University of California posted their findings on a blog post. The researchers were able to gain access to a number of apps, including Gmail, by disguising malicious software as another downloaded app. Gmail was among the easiest to access from the popular apps tested. The hack was tested on an Android phone, but the researchers believe it could work on other operating systems. The researchers monitor changes in shared memory and are able to correlate changes to what...

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Google Page Rank Explained

Google has a history of updating Toolbar Pagerank and they update it whenever they want, despite web masters coming to expect a quarterly schedule.  Previous Updates 5/6 December 2013 4 February 2013 7 November 2012 2 August 2012 2 May 2012 7 February 2012 7 November 2011 1st Week August 2011 JULY 2011 JUNE 2011 JANUARY 2011 April 2010 Dec 31, 2009 30 October 2009 27/28 May 2009 June 2009 1 / 2 April 2009 30-31 December 2008 27 September 2008 26 July 2008 29 April 2008 9 January 2008 26 October 2007 28 April 2007 December 2013 Update A toolbar...

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