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Author: Simon Lee

Top 10 Alternatives to Gmail

With over 1 billion monthly active users and the might of almighty Google backing it up, Google Mail is definitely not to overlooked. At least not if you require access to other Google-fabulous services like Google Docs, Drive, Hangouts and much more which are lip-synced to your Gmail account and make the wonders of the web gloriously accessible, that is if you don’t mind sharing all your private data with a company not known for best privacy practices. Best Alternatives to Gmail At present, Gmail is a great free service. However, they do seem to be cutting back on...

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Apple Looks to Discontinue MacBook as it Fails to Earn Consumer Reports Recommendation

While Apple has achieved exceptional financial success in recent years, it has significantly scaled down its Mac production ambitions releasing updates only every 3 to 4 years. A recent report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple may be looking to stop production of Mac computers all together. With the last Mac update coming back in 2013 and Mac Mini update dates back to 2014. The most recent Macbook update released in October of this has failed a Consumer Reports recommendation due to an overwhelming number of complaints ranging from incompatibility with existing technology, requuiring an abusndacne of cable/adapters and poor...

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Check Alexa Rank Over Time Chart

‎The Alexa rank allows website owners to see how popular their website is in accordance to how much traffic a website receives. With Alexa rank, the lower the number the better. For example only a website like could have a rank under 10. Anything under 100,000 is really good and an indicator that a website is very popular. You can check the Alexa rank of any website by going to and typing in your domain name. Alexa also offers a paid version to give webmasters more insight into the data collected. There is also now a new...

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Free Social Media Icon Vector Kit

The download file includes all of the icons in a large .svg, .png, .ai and .eps. fomart graphic. License & Usage Terms: You are free to use this icon set for personal or commercial projects, under the following guidelines: Please link directly to this article for all sharing of the icon set. You may not resell this set or any derivatives works from this set. You may not upload this set to another website or offer it for download on another website. Copyrighted materials in this set remain the copyright of their respective owners.   Free Download Vector Icons...

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Top 5 New iOS Apps Just Released This Month

Outread Speeds up your reading by highlighting words in the paragraph, slowly increasing speed as you go along. Final Fantasy VI One of Square Enix’s most exhilarating games, the Final Fantasy adventure is back with Final Fantasy VI launched just this month. Wonders of Life Similar to Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe well this is the splendid follow up. Tocomail Safe, fun and simple Tocomail is the best kids email app on the market that offers total parental control while providing a real and fun email experience for children. QuizUp Now with over 10 million players QuizUp launched...

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