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Author: Simon Lee

Ranking With Great Content

Everyone knows content is king on the internet, the old saying is more true that ever and the online content creation industry plans to invest $14 billion dollars on just content creation over the next year. That is a lot of dough and well spend too if you ask us. Why is Content King on the Web? Take a look at the well produced info graphic to see just how much easier it is to digest visual content over pure...

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Here are the key factors in ranking YouTube videos

Be sure to put the keywords you are trying to rank in the title of your YouTube video Be sure to include a link to your money site in the video description (Use http://… so that it will be an actual link.) Build tons of direct match keyword links to your YouTube video That’s really it.  You should see Top 10 to Top 20 Google rankings within 30 days.  Give it a try for yourself. Although this process is really very simple, you may not have the time to manage it yourself.  We have a few options you may interested in to help get the process started. Click here! Perry...

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